Mobile & Web App Development Services

Whether you are a start-up looking for a development company that trusts your business idea or a leader looking to explore app development to double your sales, Medtechne has business solutions that always satisfy! We are not vendors or service providers, we partner and we mentor. Your growth is our focus. We grow as you grow. We build products that live forever. We create penetrating designs and solutions giving seamless user experience. We combine cutting-edge technology, robust design, iterative testing, in-depth market analysis, competent development, industry best practices and compelling UX.

Mobile App / Web Development Services

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Android, iOS and native apps with multi-platform compatibility and appealing UI/UX is our topmost mobile app development service. With competency in leading languages and frameworks, we identify the best choice for your project. We adapt fast and evolve faster to create impactful apps. Our team of experienced analysts provide concrete recommendations to reduce procedural churn and strengthen your technology ecosystem.

  • Mobile app consultancy
  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • UI/UX development
  • Backend development
  • Quality assurance
  • Mobile app integrations
  • App analytics and intelligence
  • App support and maintenance
  • Multilingual Application
  • Android VR apps
  • IoT-enabled Wearable apps
Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting

End-to-end consulting on ideation, launch, strategy and product roadmap is another of our strong mobile app development services. Define the investment, timeline, risks and development strategy for construction of a solution. Careful analysis of existing code, identification of business challenges and alignment for better ROI is done before re-construction of an existing solution.

  • Strategic product definition
  • Business and market insight
  • Concept validation
  • Features prioritization
  • Usability testing
  • Content strategy
  • Data opportunity strategy
Product Design
Product Design

Mobile app development services has an important component- product design- that is responsible for an app’s performance and popularity. We start from conceptualization, move onto information architecture, visual designing and minimal user input to create delightful user experience in our solutions. Advocates of Material Design and Design Sprints, our visionary team develops appealing experiences by soliciting feedback and testing at each iterative stage.

  • Behavioural data analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design concept
  • Usability testing
  • Push notification strategy
  • User experience analytics
Cloud Services
Cloud Services

We enable organizations to match IT resources to business needs more efficiently, reduce capital expense by provisioning virtual resources. With the cloud as a service, you can enjoy greater scalability and cost reductions. IT teams can be freed from the routine tasks of monitoring, maintaining and updating IT resources by offloading these jobs to our team of AWS- and Microsoft-certified architects.

  • Strategy consulting
  • Cloud solution architecture
  • Distributed applications
  • Cloud native development
  • Application and data migration
  • Serverless application
  • DevOps planning and CI/CD
  • Data analytics implementation
Project Management
Project Management

Mobile app development services include the vital project management. Our project management module include creation of project development roadmap, artifacts, software requirement specification, blueprint, prototype and testing by teams trained in Agile software development. Our project managers, business analysts and certified scrum masters combine your vision with their domain expertise. They map the scope of your solution, track progress and break the tasks into manageable releases. We keep transparency as our primary objective and keep you involved at all stages of product development.

  • Software requirement specification (SRS)
  • Project Planning
  • Scope Management
  • Project Estimation
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Estimation
  • Communications Management
  • Configuration Management
Web Development
Web Development

Mobile app development services are incomplete if your app is not responsive and web-enabled. We customise solutions to work seamlessly on multiple platforms and provide a consistent, dazzling experience to users regardless of the device. We integrate front-end, back-end and architecture ability, through technologies such as progressive web apps, to maximise delivery speed and fulfill business needs.

  • Custom application development
  • Portal development
  • E-Commerce development
  • Website development and maintenance
  • SaaS products
  • Open source website development and revamp
  • Web application support and maintenance
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Quality testing of your solutions complete our mobile app development services suite. Iterative testing of web app, mobile app and server side ensures solutions meet objectives are bug free. Through a combination of manual testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation engineering and continuous integration, we create products that are almost risk-free. We also do standalone software quality assessment to reduce time-to-market and cost overruns.

  • QA analysis
  • QA strategy
  • Automation
  • QA execution
Internet of Things
Internet of Things

We gather, synthesise, collate, analyse data from your business and personal connected devices and generate triggers for performing actions that can be monitored and controlled through easy-to-use customizable dashboards. Our technologists and UX experts help you interact meaningfully with your raw data using various protocols such as Wifi, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth and Bonjour.

Our tools include:

  • Raspberry
  • Arduino
  • Bluetooth
  • Core NFC